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What is an Assessment Center?

Event in which employees participate
in various exercises:

  • business cases
  • role-playing games
  • group exercises
  • analytical assignments
  • interview

supervised by a panel of experts during which pre-formed competencies are assessed with clearly defined criteria

Why do you need an Assessment Center?
Saving resources and making effective personnel decisions (hiring, promotion, rotation)
An objective view of your team (obtaining reliable information about the strengths and areas of development)
Rationality of strategic planning for business and team development
Building an effective learning system
Carrying out algorithm
Removal of client needs1
  • Acquaintance with the activities of the company (values, specifics, principles)
  • Formation of a competency model
  • Determining the format and timing
Conducting an Assessment Center2
  • Business games
  • Group activities
  • Business cases
  • Individual interviews
Processing of results by expert assessors3
  • Summary of received data
  • Formation of assessments, conclusions
  • Development of reports and recommendations
Presentation of results and feedback4
  • Meeting with the Customer and providing a report and recommendations
  • Individual meetings with participants to provide feedback
Reliability of the method
Why trust us?
  • 17 years of expertise in recruitment and appraisal
  • Qualified expert observers
  • Use of internationally valid valuation methods
  • Individual approach to each request
  • Prompt response
Latest completed projects of the Assessment Center
Company Purpose of the evaluation The target audience Number of evaluation participants

Banking sector
Leadership Development Line management 400
Personnel reserve Middle management 100

Pharmaceutical sector
Leadership development Middle management 25

Trade sector
Personnel reserve Middle management 200
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