The purpose of training:

to form a general idea of ​​the technology of personnel assessment using the assessment center method,

get acquainted with the rules of observation and the development of an assessment program,

learn to prepare reports,

provide feedback on the results of the evaluation event.

Audience: recruitment, assessment and development specialists who want to acquire or improve skills in assessing competencies using the assessment center method

Duration: 2 days, from 10:00 to 17:00

Presenter: Personnel Assessment Consultant – Natalia Roth


The following blocks will be studied at the training:

The concept of assessment center (description and reliability of the technology, the history of the creation of the method, the concept of competence, types of tasks, performance standards).

Observation rules (goals and objectives of the facilitator, goals and objectives of observers, observation algorithm, observation errors, determination of ratings).

Interview on competencies (interview algorithm, STAR technique).

Accommodations of assessments (approval procedure, rules for discussing assessments and arguments, setting the final grade, controversial situations).

Processing of assessment results (format and rules for preparing reports, rules for providing feedback).

There will also be practical exercises (individual business exercise, group discussion, paired role-playing games with a subordinate and partner).