Everyone knows that no business can do without staff. The success and prosperity of any company largely depend on the competence and qualifications of employees.

Recruitment is the most important business process and the main service provided by the «RecCom»

Our advantages:

impeccable professionalism;

strict compliance with applicable law;

transparency of doing business;

correct and respectful attitude to Partners, Clients and Candidates;

trust and confidentiality at all stages of work.


What do we do for you?

We clarify the details of your order (job description, requirements and wishes) and immediately begin to work!

During the working day, our CEO will contact you and agree on the place and time for meeting to discuss the details of cooperation.

In the recruitment process, we inform you of the progress of work and provide a summary of the most suitable candidates with comments.

If necessary, our consultant can attend the first interview of the candidate in the client’s company to adjust the requirements for the candidate.

Especially for you, we collect and provide recommendations for final candidates from previous jobs.


Executive search

Much depends on the correct choice of a candidate: first of all, an increase in productivity and, consequently, the profit of your company. While the wrong choice leads to a large turnover of employees and lack of staff competence.

The time for closing a position is negotiated with the Client individually and directly depends on the complexity and urgency of the order. The minimum term for closing a position is 2 business weeks.

Remember: a quality selection of specialists ensures a low replacement process!

You can download the application form and send it to office@reccom.kz, or fill it out on our website – we will be in touch with you.

You get the desired result in the optimal time!

Because we work for you!!!