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Client service

Master Class

  • How to attract, retain a client not at a price?
  • Where customer loyalty comes from – sources!
  • How to beat a competitor without lowering your price?
  • Why are there complaints?
  • Do you have a startup? Start with customer service!

1. Standards, customer orientation (training)

Target audience: First line employees: reception, call center, reception, salespeople, customer service managers.


  • To form a client-oriented position among first-line employees;
  • Improve skills in providing/providing customer-oriented service;
  • Improve the skills of effective correct communications with clients with a focus on long-term cooperation;
  • To improve the quality of interaction between company employees and customers in resolving and preventing conflict situations.

2. Customer Service: What? Where? When? (education)

Target audience: Senior managers, owners, middle managers.


  • Formation of customer service management skills through laws and service management tools

3. Implementation of a service system from diagnostics to practical implementation and support (consulting)

Our company RecCom has been providing consulting services for business, international and Kazakhstani companies for 15 years in the Kazakhstan market.

We have a team:

Mamashaeva Samaл

Expert in the field of customer service, sales, communications (more than 20 years of experience)
Certified business coach, consultant
Doctoral student of the PhD program
Member of the Supervisory Board of the BSNP

Chereshnikova Alexandrа

Manager (23 years experience)
Owner and current director of RecCom
Working under the motto “trust and verify in practice”

We invite you to the master class. We form a group.

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