We offer you a modern model of business organization – accounting outsourcing!

This new service is suitable for clients with various types of legal ownership operating in different taxation regimes: LLP, joint venture, joint-stock company, individual entrepreneurship, individuals.

Outsourcing – the transfer by an organization, based on an agreement of business processes or production functions, to service another company specializing in the relevant field. As a rule, outsourcing is transferred to professional support for the uninterrupted operation of individual systems and infrastructure on the basis of a long-term contract (at least 1 year)

Why is it profitable for you?

«RecCom» LLP offers qualified specialists and a wide range of accounting services.

Our experience in providing accounting and tax services will allow you to concentrate your efforts on business strategies and distribute your internal resources more efficiently.

Attracting our company for accounting and using our experience and a working approach, you get the most accurate, adequate and reliable information, thereby reducing the likelihood of accounting errors.

You can choose a comprehensive accounting service or use only certain services.

Our services:

  • cost and tax accounting;
  • restoration of accounting (full / partial);
  • consultations on cost and tax accounting;
  • preparation and submission of reports to authorized state bodies;
  • express examination of the accuracy of accounting;
  • examination of primary documents and their compliance with applicable law;
  • development of accounting policies;
  • other types of services.


  • formation of additional information, reports and forms at the request of the client (obtaining a loan, tax preferences, subsidies);
  • departure of our specialist to represent the interests of the client in the authorized bodies;
  • facilitating the removal of seizures from the current account;
  • inventory of assets;
  • registration of a cash register machine for registration with the tax authorities;
  • development of forms and reports for management purposes;
  • making transfers to pay taxes, fees, deductions for individual entrepreneurs;
  • binding and archiving of primary accounting documents.

This is not only accounting and tax accounting.

This is not just a professional report.

This is a FULL analysis of the financial situation of your company.

We work for your success!