The purpose of the training: to familiarize participants with the main areas in the field of personnel management, such as selection, adaptation, assessment, motivation and staff development.

The training is intended for beginner HR professionals who want to improve their knowledge in the field of HR management

Training duration: 2 days, from 10:00 to 17:00

Presenter: HR consultant Natalya Rot

The following blocks will be studied at the training:

  1. Competency model (concept of competence, scale of development of competence, universal model of competencies).
  2. Recruitment and adaptation of personnel (search and assessment of candidates, adaptation of newcomers to the company, maintaining a database and reporting).
  3. Personnel assessment (personnel assessment methods, assessment of corporate competencies, assessment of professional knowledge, personnel certification).
  4. Personnel motivation (financial motivation, non-financial motivation).
  5. Personnel development (personnel training, personnel reserve, talent development).