Where to begin?

Development of a competency model for a company, which will become the basis for personnel selection.

If the strategic objectives of the company are to provide the organization with a competitive advantage in the market, it is important for management to have a clear idea of ​​what each employee should be able to do, what knowledge and practical skills should have to possess in order to “move” the company forward. To solve this problem, we recommend using the competency model.

The competency model is a complete set of characteristics that allows a person to successfully perform the functions corresponding to his position. To be effective, the model must have a simple structure, be clear and easy to understand.


Interview on competencies (behavioral interview) – has a high degree of reliability and does not cause complaints from candidates.

What do we offer?

We offer a turn-key project.

What will it give you? You get formalized processes that over time will help you increase the company’s revenue, increase labor efficiency and raise the spirit of team unity.

How will it work? A team of professionals will develop and describe the entire process in steps and, together with the HR team, will prepare related documents and templates, as well as KPIs.

We offer consultations within 3 months after implementation.

What else do we offer? We offer training for line managers “Interview on competencies”


Our guidelines in the preparation of the project:

Customer Company Values

Customer Company Needs

Safety of the Customer Company – the experience of large Kazakhstani and world companies has proved that the more clearly defined and formalized the processes, the safer for the company.


Recruiting – what is it?

Recruiting is an effective technology:


Executive Search (active search for candidates)


Screening (selection by formal criteria)


Staff recruitment is a process that includes:

Determining the need for new staff

Search for candidates

A superficial analysis of the submitted resumes

Preliminary telephone interview

Interview with the candidate, including competencies

Transferring the most suitable resumes to the CEO

Interview with a CEO


Project schedule


Project Launch Arrangement

Agreement on the scope, requirements and design of the project

Project planning

Detailed project planning

Pilot release



Monitoring Results