Personnel Assessment Service

Currently, one of the reliable methods for assessing the competencies of personnel around the world is the assessment center method. Our company has a highly specialized direction in assessing people using this method.

An assessment center is a set of events in which employees participate in a series of exercises, cases, business games and interviews under the supervision of a specially trained team of expert observers. A high degree of accuracy and objectivity of the assessment center is determined by the fact that the assessment of one participant is carried out by several specially trained observer experts on clearly defined criteria – competencies.

Reliability of the assessment center (in comparison with other methods):

Method Reliability (percent)
Assessment Center 65-70 %
Behavioral Interview 48-61 %
Modeling a work situation 54 %
Verification of recommendations 23 %
Traditional interview 5-19 %

Tasks to be solved:

When building a personnel management system, competency assessment is important, the results of the assessment center can be used in many processes and can rationally solve the following tasks:

Admission of specialists to key positions in the company;

Organization of effective adaptation of accepted candidates and their career planning;

Making informed management decisions to promote employees working in the company, their placement in the personnel and management reserves, and appointment to a higher position;

Building an effective staff training system;

Motivation of employees to self-development.


Methods of work

Use of business exercises (role-playing, individual, group) as the main assessment method;

Using interviews to study employee behavior in real work situations;

Use of evaluation criteria obtained as a result of analysis of work performed by participants;

Independent, professionally trained observers who monitor and evaluate the performance of tasks by participants;

Definition of final assessments of participants during a group discussion, in which all observers participate;

Compilation by observers of an accurate and objective description of resource and scarce managerial knowledge, skills and abilities of a particular person.


Criteria for evaluation

Assessment criteria are competencies. Competence is an integral characteristic that includes the abilities, professional knowledge, skills and qualities that are necessary for an employee to successfully perform their functional duties.

A universal competency model characterizes the position of an employee in four areas:

Work with people Effective communication
Customer focus
Work with information Analytical thinking
Systemic thinking
Business development Personal development
Achieving Results Performance management
Managerial responsibility

Main advantages

High reliability of the evaluation results;

Universality of the purposes of use: selection, rotation, career planning and substitutions;

The ability to cover the assessment of all levels of the structural divisions of the company;

Compression of the timing of the assessment;

The possibility of subsequent distribution of the developed evaluation procedure to other divisions of the company;

The opportunity for participants to develop personal and professional priorities, to develop the ability to self-esteem and self-correction.

And also there is support and support for employees in the implementation of development plans.